Benefits of Joining BREAKAWAY

Reduce Body Fat

Through strength training, aerobic exercise, core strengthening and nutritional guidance. Our staff will help you achieve a healthy body fat! Get your body fat tested with one of our experienced trainers!


If you lack the motivation to exercise, BREAKAWAY is there to help you through those times of “not feeling like it”. Or maybe you just need a BREAKAWAY group class to get you going.

Learn Proper Technique

Anyone can go and push weight around, but are they doing it correctly or are they just wasting their time with poor technique? Remember: poor technique can lead to injuries and you also may be using a different muscle than you actually want to use. Let BREAKAWAY show you the proper form.

Learn New Exercises or Get Sport Specific Exercises

BREAKAWAY from boredom – Do you need to train for a specific event, race or triathlon? BREAKAWAY will keep your body guessing with variation and tailor your program for your specific sport. Or receive a program for a change in your same ol’ routine.

I’m convinced-now what?

Contact us to set up your first consultation or session and we will get you started right away either in our personal training studio in McLean, VA, Fairfax, VA or Sterling VA or we can come to you!