Corporate Fitness

Wellness Talks & Presentations

Regular wellness talks to employees (lunch & learns) beginning with the “What is Exercise?” presentation.

Group Fitness Classes – Training Camps

BREAKAWAY can lead classes including, but not limited to: Boot camps, cardio-based classes (running/cycling), strength training and combination classes. Classes can be held 1-2 times per week as well as every other week at your office or our Sport location in Tyson’s Corner. This is where your employee can train for life and build team morale.

Team Building Events

Does your company have a high drive for competition and are you sick of doing the same team building event where everyone meets at happy hour? Let BREAKAWAY set up your team building event with a fun, but challenging fitness event. Build trust, teamwork, and leadership. We can set it up at your location or ours. Check out a law firm doing a wall sit off as they were separated in two teams.

Also, check out our fun obstacle course on our Facebook page:

Body Fat/Biggest Loser Contests/Fitness contests

BREAKAWAY will provide on-site pre and post body fat analysis and manage entire contest. Fitness event is a one-day fitness challenge that test cardiovascular ability, strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and more. We also do resting metabolic rate testing (measures how many calories you burn in a day at rest) and VO2 Max testing (measures fitness level and how many calories you burn during exercise).

Personal Training

Schedule a block of time for personal training sessions for your employees at your facility or ours.

BREAKAWAY will provide a trainer to work with your employees at your facility or ours. BREAKAWAY will provide a trainer to work with your employees for a minimum of (2) hours(maximum 4 hours) exclusively anywhere from one to five times a week.

Employees will be given a specific workout that is customized for them after an initial consult, as well as a written workout plan for each work out, a tutorial of exercises, and spotting, if necessary. Please note to limit the amount of people per hour to your space size. BREAKAWAY can and will handle up to 12 for quality instruction at our facility at once. We recommend at least 1 day per week to update workout programs and give different people a chance to get consulted.

Contact us here for more information and to get your company started right away.