40+2=Greek Goddess? Week 1

We were done! When I say we were done I mean we were done having children. We have a son named Gordon who is 6 and is pretty awesome if I must say so myself. We tried to have another child but between two miscarriages and literally years of trying we said no to alternative methods (we have an awesome son and multiples didn’t seem like a good option for our age) and in October of 2014 said no to more trying.
Fast forward 3 months and boom a positive pregnancy test in January. Since I am high risk (I’m almost 40 and with two miscarriages) I went in for a sonogram right away at 6 weeks. The technician says “you see that dot right there-that is your baby”.
Fast forward 6 weeks at 12 weeks and the technician is shaking her head and flipping through slides of images. I say “is there something wrong?” She says “yes”. I say “what”. She says “I am sorry, but I missed it the first time that you are having twins.” I say “HOLY SH!T! You have got to be #%@^&#&!* kidding me.”
Okay-so what? WIMG_0009hy is this a fitness blog about some older lady having twins you may ask? It’s because twins are no joke!!!! I mean of all the things I was worried about my fitness and body were the last on the list. I mean I do this for a living and I was rocking it with my son Gordon on my bike, running and lifting. The twins knocked me on my ass-I could barely lift weights, running was out of the question for sure and sitting on the bike felt awful. So I just kept walking and doing very light weight
On September 1, 2015 two baby girls arrived 5 weeks and 1 day early. IMG_1539They are adorable, but me not so much anymore. Don’t get me wrong it is worth it, but I need to get some Greek Goddess status back and at 40 come November it will not be an easy task. At two weeks after delivery with a C-section I was cleared by my doctor to work out easy and listen to my body. I took my body fat-whoa!!!! 29%! I told you twins are no joke. I am usually around 15-18% so I have some work to do. I will also take my metabolic rate once I stop breastfeeding to figure out caloric intake, but right now if you want to produce milk then eat and drink everything. I am a milk machine baby! TMI for all you sally’s reading this.
The next day we decided to go on a family bike ride. How hard could riding with a 6 year old be? Well check him out BMX racing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3OpTzJiuHM I will tell you that 30 minute ride around the neighborhood had my heart pumping, legs burning and butt sore because he is pretty darn fast damn it!! We are going mountain biking next week and I am scared he will drop me on the bike-wouldn’t that be something getting dropped by a 6 year old?!??!!? Talk about crushing your ego.
The next day I got on my road bike and went easy where I averaged a pathetic 13 miles an hour (I usually am around 18) and road 11 miles. Everything including my hands were killing me, but I have to start somewhere. This baby belly isn’t going to go down itself.IMG_1498
The next day was weight training day at the house. I will hit the gym soon. I did ring rows, push ups (modified because I can’t do multiple legit ones right now) and body weight squats all 3X15. Then ring curls, bench dips and back lunges all 3X15 except the lunges as I was afraid my legs would cramp up. Oh, don’t forget the 30 second plank X3 that just about made me throw up.
Road bike ride #2 went a little better 12.5 miles at 13.8 miles per hour, but I almost think it was because it was windy and when I had a tail wind I was “flying”. I could barely sit on the bike, but that is a whole different story.
Lifting day #2 was a little more challenging. Kettle bell one arm row, Kettlebell one arm floor press and kettle bell squats all 3X25lbsX10. Then kettle bell curls, tri extension and good mornings. Added some kettle bell swings, the dreaded plank, glute bridges and crunches. Last work out of the week was another bike ride-got up to 13.9 mph. Making progress. I am feeling okay! So far so good-baby steps right? I will get back to a Greek Goddess…it will just take some time.


Deb M.

posted on September 22, 2015Reply

One day at a time, my Greek Goddess friend. The girls are adorable. Hope to see you back at the gym soon!

Name*jean ann

posted on September 22, 2015Reply

Your Commnet*You go girl. It has just been two weeks!!! You pumping, biking machine. Keep up the great work…. Greek Goddess is in you future.

Daisy Lopez

posted on September 23, 2015Reply

My jaw just dropped! I cant believe you are back at it already!! MY IDOL!!!! Cant wait to see you and those babies !!!!!! They are beautiful !! :)

Wendy Wang

posted on September 23, 2015Reply

Dalakis, let’s ride. With me you’ll feel even more accomplished! Keep at it, but one day at a time.


posted on September 23, 2015Reply

Keep killin’ it lady! xoxoxoxo 40 here we come!

Name. Billie Lee Wells

posted on September 24, 2015Reply

Your Commnet*. You Rock Christa ! You are going to be an inspiration to 2
MORE little Greek Godesses :)


posted on September 28, 2015Reply

Christa, I’m excited to meet the girls and you are amazing inside and out…you’ll get there…enjoy this special time with your adorable babies and getting back in.

Love to all of you!

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