40+2=Greek Goddess? Week 3

IMG_0057HELL WEEK! Oh no, not what you are thinking…that I put myself through the paces and it was hell. It was more like a week of someone out to get me or some secret committee trying to get me not to work out.

It all started pretty standard. Woke up, fed babies, pumped every 3 hours. I threw in a nap here and there. Usually I go to bed at 9 so I can sleep a little before the 11 PM feed. I also am sleeping in the basement with the girls since I have access to a sink and fridge and easy to pump. It’s a great set up but there are spiders that come and go. So before I go to bed I check the room out for these guys and sure enough this past week there was one by the window and I went over there to get ’em and the window was totally leaking through with water because we were getting that heavy rain. The window well had filled up with water!!! WTF?!?!? Jeff went out there to dig it out and I was cleaning up inside. What a nightmare?!?!?! The good news is we had our gutters cleaned two months ago and it is also the bad news because the water was flowing fast, but the extender to the drain was pointing right in the window well and filled it up. So the moral to the story is the spider saved our basement because I wouldn’t have seen the water, but still get ’em because they will bite your ass when you are sleeping. Anyway, I didn’t get adequate sleep that night and this was the start to my week. Strike 1!

Next day was okay and yes I got my second run in at the soccer field. I actually held a pace that was faster than speed walking and I ventured off the field a little. I bumped the time to 25 minutes. I still felt crappy, but not as bad. My uterus stayed in but wanted to  still come out. This next week I will go through a neighborhood and hit 30 minutes. Look out!

Then the big day came-I was heading out to the gym to get my lift on. Yippee!! I needed to get a couple of things done there
anyway so it was the perfect day. I jumped in my car all pumped up and my car didn’t start! Are we for real right now? My battery died-ugh! So, I only had time to get the battery replaced at NTB near the gym and get the paperwork done I needed to do because I had to get back home and you guessed it-PUMP! Strike 2!

IMG_0100That same day production was back down again. Look the first 3 weeks I had stored over 100 ounces. Now the girls are eating more and if production goes down I have to tap into the reserves. I don’t want to do that yet. So Thursday morning I ate oatmeal and that evening I had a beer (both good for production) and at the 11 PM feed put Zephera on the breast to “stimulate”. I pulled out all the tricks. Two AM feeding I pumped after and then get back into bed by 3 and then I can’t stop shivering. I put a sweatshirt on and two comforters and still shivering. 4:30 rolled around and my right boob felt like it is going to explode. I hadn’t slept and I got online and searched breast infection. All symptoms pointed to yes because I had also the aches. Boys, you want to know what it feels like-think of the worst case of the flu but in IMG_0094addition to that your testicles feel like there is a bomb in there and at any moment is will go off. “They” said to take hot shower and then pump, pump, pump it up (I am already pumping 7 times per day and adding to that is a full time job). Relief came slowly, but the entire day I had a low grade fever as well. Doc said since it cleared on it’s own then it was probably a blocked duct. So freakin awesome being a woman! This lasted through Saturday so no work outs for me for two more days. Strike 3!

I finally had the chance to go to the gym on Sunday. I was all by myself and cranked the music and did all 3 sets of 10 reps of the IMG_0084following and I felt great (don’t judge my weights-they are baby weights, but at least no one was around)! Lat Pull, DB Bench, Back Squats, Curls for the girls, Push Down Rope, DB RDL, DB Shoulder Press and Core. I need my muscle tone back. I look at my legs and hate it that there are no muscles. I would rather be heavier and muscular than skinny fat. My last weigh in at the doc before the girls came I went up to 170lbs. I started at 135. I weighed myself on Sunday and I am 140. Oh, that’s easy you think because I only have 5 more pounds to go….oh no…I’m 29% body fat remember. I need to at least get to 18% so I need to build muscle and loose fat so my weight will probably go up a bit and then down. It’s a lot, but doable.

IMG_0103Monday and Wednesday I have had to work with the Southland crew (an off site in Sterling) so I didn’t work out on Monday. Strike 4! Tuesday was a gorgeous day and I went on a bike ride. Did 14 mph on my own without sitting on Jeff’s wheel so I am getting a bit faster. I decided to wear my heart rate monitor to see how hard I am working. What I thought was happening is true-my legs can’t handle pushing yet so my heart rate doesn’t get up that high. I did manage to get a max of 162 (pretty low for me) but I was going up this huge hill by my house and only going 4mph. Pathetic.

I go to the doctors next week sometime (I have CRS so I don’t know the day) and hopefully I will get the all clear to go hard. I will start doing intervals and maybe more intense lifting. Until then let’s hope for no strikes just hits…stay tuned…..

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Name*jean ann

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Your Commnet*I had to take a long nap after reading this…..I am really old, fat 76% and thinking about possibly or not working out… Your fault if I don’t. You set the bar tooo high.

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