40+2=Greek Goddess? Week 5

FENUGREEK! Yeah, that’s right…basically telling me F.U. Greek. Ha. Ha. I can’t make this stuff up. I had my final 6 week check up at the docs and received the all clear for everything as long as I listen to my body. He was concerned when I told him my milk production had slowed down and so he made me meet with the lactation consultant. She suggested Fenugreek. It’s an herb and it smells and tastes like crap. IMG_0149You know what though-I think it is helping. It’s probably because it has the Greek name in it. Let’s not bore you with more milk stories. For those without children-well it is probably good birth control and for those with children then you are the ones who know that even despite all the sucky things you can never understand a serious deep love for someone until you have your own children. Yes, still other peoples children are generally annoying especially the ones that are running around restaurants like crazy while their parents don’t pay attention to them.

Wednesday’s are supposed to be my running days at soccer practice, but I opted for mountain biking in IMG_0145the morning. I bit it so hard!!! All I remember is thinking if I take Gordon to this part of the trail then I need to make sure he goes slow and the next thing I know I face plant and nail my shoulder. Good thing my boobs are so big as they acted like airbags when I hit the ground. I am glad Jeff was there to document it…uh…help me when I went down. I must have been flying for sure! I also proceeded to hit a tree later on, but I wasn’t going as fast. I really think my mind isn’t working right due to lack of sleep and I can’t concentrate very well mountain biking. I did 4 mountain bike rides this past week and I just love mountain biking. It is so fun!!! You should try it if you haven’t. 

IMG_0152Yes, that is me swinging the bat. How does my swing look? Do I still have it? I am clearly late at contact, but not bad for an old retired softball player. It was my George Mason University alumni game and we honored our teammate Nakoma Sours on the 20th anniversary of her passing. That was very special.

The old farts then proceeded to play the young guns that are still in college and I only had time for one up at bat. Oh yeah…I made the most of it! If you want a good laugh, then please look at this video-I really can’t make this stuff up. IMG_5148 At least I made contact, but I don’t know what happened running to first. However, from one up at bat I did manage to pull my muscles in between my ribs on my left side. I could barely move for 24 hours. Ridiculous and a problem when you are trying to take care of two newborns. I really can’t make this stuff up. Maybe hitting softballs wasn’t such a good idea 6 weeks after giving birth to twins? Of course I couldn’t work out the next day either because I was in so much pain and running the rest of the week was out of the question. So if you are wondering how I am doing with running I don’t know because I didn’t run at all this week. 

I did get a few good lifts in and I was going to go a little harder, but crashing on my bike, falling running to first and pulling my rib muscles I thought it may be best to still take it a little easier and slower before I really hurt myself. I am tired and I am just not right from my mind telling my body what to do. I literally feel as if I am not moving my body sometimes. As Jeff said I should just be happy that I am doing all of this and don’t worry how awesome I am. It’s hard not to when I was doing all these things and then some less than a year ago. 

I hope to have some exciting work outs this week-maybe something intense that will make me look awesome that I can share without killing myself. I have 3 more weeks until I do my body fat again so that should be interesting. I did weigh in this week and I am down to 136, but I am afraid I still don’t have a lot of muscle. The body fat test will let me know. 

In the meantime though…if you haven’t worked out this week (I know a lot of you told me you were going to start doing something after reading this blog), then get off your butt and go do something. It is always better than nothing. 

If the pictures are still sideways, then I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I have tried to fix it each week but it does whatever it wants to when I click publish.

Aaannnddddd just because here is a recent picture of the girls….IMG_0164

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