40+2=Greek Goddess? Week 6

I’ve been asked for the past two months over and over how I am feeling. The answer has always been pretty good. I have felt pretty darn good. The girls were in the NICU and they put them on a schedule so that made life a lot easier for sure in the beginning. I’ve also had a lot of helping hands which has been awesome too. I’ve had multiple meals made (and pretty delicious might I add), Gordon has had rides to and from school and even his hockey coach picks him up from school on Monday’s and hangs with his son who is on the team (Gordon’s new buddy-Noah) until practice at night. We have a nanny and my mom is over almost every day. I have some beers on the weekends to relax too. So yeah….it’s been pretty good.

Then something happened this past week. Call it a mid life crisis, hormonal changes or maybe I am just freaking over tired, but I was down this week. My 40th is a month away and I’ve thought to myself WTF IMG_0181am I doing at 40 with two newborns? Don’t get me wrong-they are freaking cute (I mean look at them and that is at 2 AM!) and I love them so very much, but I had some moments of selfishness this week. People also working my nerves and damn it I just want to drink some regular coffee or put cheese on my sandwich without thinking is this going to bother the girls? Yes, I’ve cried! I put that into the hormonal craziness of having babies because sometimes I just cry because I think about crying. It’s ridiculous and I know this when it is happening, but those of you who know-just know-YOU JUST CAN’T STOP IT!

Then Tuesday morning it happened. Olympia our sweet 12 year old pit bull (the brindle one) who already can barely walk, see or hear was eating and tried to walk back to her bed. Then couldn’t make it…we think she may have had a stroke and we monitored her for 24 hours and decided it was time to say goodbye. Her life was already very limited and she was at least generally happy but she cried a lot and barely moved for those 24 hours and we knew we couldn’t let her go on like that. Talk about crying especially when I told Gordon to say his goodbyes. He said it would be okay that he would pray for her everyday while she is in heaven and we are not even practicing Greek Orthodox. What a sweet kid! 4 years ago we said goodbye to our other dog Kilo and this is my favorite picture of them in their bed. IMG_0009They were great family dogs and we miss them. Olympia the last two months had sat by those two girls protecting them all day even in her condition. Really, it is the end of an era for me and Jeff because in less than a two year span (starting in 2001) we started our business, got Kilo, then Olympia and bought our first house. Now we have 3 kids, no dogs, 3 business locations and a newly built house where the old one was. It is not only sad, but just feels weird around the house.

I went on a lot of bike rides again this week and no craziness of crashing. I’ve tried to get more rest but that isn’t that great. Better, but not great. These girls need to drop the 2 AM. I got a few lifts in and even tried some modified plyometrics. I did a little quick circuit at home (the nanny was out a few days here and there so didn’t have too much time to go to the gym). I did ring rows, KB swings, push ups (still not textbook, but at least I am off my knees), KB Figure 8 Lift and Squat Jumps. I did it 5 times-you can watch it here: IMG_0185  It did get me huffing and puffing and it felt good. I also went on a run finally. Used the old Adidas-much better!! Just goes to show you NEVER BUY SHOES FOR RUNNING BECAUSE THEY LOOK COOL!!!

It’s Friday now and I am doing much better. I am sure it will come and go, but it is part of the game. This weekend is our very first 5K and I am pumped about it. I’ve decided that this blog is too much of a good thing for all the readers out there so don’t get too sad when I don’t post weekly. I promise to post a couple of times per month…I mean you have to see the end result, right?!?!?!?



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