17 2014 Jan

Looking Good-Feeling Good!

Jeff continues to make progress on his workouts.  This week he commented, “my body is feeling good; I have no complaints and no pain.  But, I am still struggling a bit as I get very frustrated with my range of motion.” Not to worry as he could still do some curls for the girls.

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Curls for the GIRLS!

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14 2014 Jan

Cyborg has feelings too!

On the record with Jeff Teach AKA Cyborg:

Q: What did you miss most from working out after surgery?

A: Lifting

good morning

Good mornings!








Q: Did you ever think you would need surgery?

A: I never thought I would need surgery because I take good care of myself.  Since in  the past I did very stressful things to my body with Continue reading…

9 2014 Jan

And so the workouts begin….

Jeff is currently 212.8 lbs with 13.5% body fat, though he would be happier at 210 lbs and 8% body fat. His primary goal is to be healthy and strong, so his biggest challenge is getting full range of motion back in his shoulder. Now that rehab is over, he is beginning his Phase 1 of training.

To start, Jeff will continue with a lot of stretching to work on his range of motion, while also doing a traditional weight training program with a body building split. He will do back and biceps one day, chest and triceps the next, and shoulders/traps and legs the following. He’ll repeat this order to get in two days per week for each body part.

Jeff is starting out with three exercises per body part, doing three sets for 15 reps with 90 seconds of rest between sets.  According to Jeff it’s because he is out of shape and not strong and needs to relearn how he body adapts to exercise.  He’s also doing minimal cardiovascular exercise—basically light met sets (metabolic sets are short burst of high intensity cardiovascular exercise).

During his workouts Jeff cannot do any overhead movements yet, so no snatches and no overhead presses (!). Yesterday, Jeff benched for the first time since his surgery and remembered the reason why he loves lifting so much: “I feel strong and I like the pump!” He benched 135 lbs for 15 reps (note, his all-time highest maximum bench for onerep was 455 lbs back in his heyday). His goal is to bench over 315 lbs for multiple reps.

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3 2014 Jan



Jeff Teach is extraordinary athlete.  He was a college two-time All American and a 4 time Big-Ten Champion in the shot put. After college, Jeff trained at the Olympic training center in Colorado (1995-96) for weightlifting until a shoulder injury took him out of competition right before the Olympic trials. He was #2 in the country in his weight class.

After leaving Colorado, Jeff became a strength and conditioning coach for George Mason University and went on to establish BREAKAWAY Fitness and BREAKAWAY Sport, facilities that offer individual and group training for everyone from those looking to become more fit to elite level athletes.

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