Protein: Does the body good!

Everyone has their eating mishaps-Jeff Teach is not a saint with his eating and he would be the first one to tell you that. However, he does say “that you can’t eat like crap all the time and expect results. Don’t judge me when I eat badly because I am human, but I will make up for it in the weight room or with exercise or eat clean for all my other meals.” It is super-bowl Sunday-you can’t pass up a cold one!

Jeff went snowboarding this weekend with his family and his eating was sub-par. He did however snowboard all day long for the entire two days. Click on the video to check out Jeff snowboarding this past weekend-what’s scarier? Jeff snowboarding so soon after surgery or video taping it while skiing? IMG_0315

Jeff doesn’t follow a certain diet-no Zone, no Paleo, no Atkins and no South Beach. He eats sensibly with at least a gram of protein for each pound of body weight. That means today he will have at least 210 grams of protein. To give you an idea a normal size chicken breast has about 30 grams of protein. Your muscles need the fuel and they get it from protein and only complete proteins – what you see in bread or beans (you would have to combine beans with rice to make it complete) isn’t a complete protein.

photo (4)Jeff eats eggs daily-a  lot of eggs! He will eat at least 4 full eggs per day. The Teach family go through about 60 eggs per week. According to Jeff, “it is the ultimate protein and you can have it so many ways that keep it fresh and delicious. I don’t worry about the fat in the egg yolk as I need fat in my diet and generally my problem would not be the fat in egg yolks.”  He also eats a lot of nuts (remember nuts are not a protein-they are considered a fat) because he needs the fat in his diet.

Jeff’s regular eating routine looks like this: wake up-eggs and plain pumpernickel bread. The best breads to eat are Rye, Pumpernickel and 100% whole wheat. A protein shake after his workout photo (5)with 100% Whey and a fruit. Then a “lunch time” meal would consist of a meat and veggie and then an afternoon snack would be another meat and veggie or fruit or some plain Greek yogurt or plain cottage cheese with a fruit and then dinner would be another meat and veggie and maybe a small portion of sweet potatoes or something similar. Again, Jeff is human and on the weekends (since he does more cardiovascular exercise on the weekends too) will have a stacked sandwich. Damn, look how much meat is on that puppy?!?!?!?


Jeff does take vitamins and has some supplements ranging from fish oils, to multi-vitamins, creatine, glucosamine chondroitin with MSM and amino acids. Jeff says, “don’t just take vitamins and supplements because you heard they are good or you think you should be taking them. I will never tell anyone to take anything-you should do your own research and consult with your physician. The best thing to do is have aphoto (6) complete diet of proteins, fruits and a lot of veggies.”

The best advice Jeff could give you in terms of your nutrition is “don’t get so hung up on what you hear is good or bad or high in this or that. Carrots, bananas and grapes are high in sugar, but usually carrots are not your problem. There are probably other things that are killing your eating habits.” True…..


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Your Commnet*Is beer reeaalllly good for you too?


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Beer-not so much unfortunately Jean Ann!

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