TO SNATCH OR NOT TO SNATCH-that is the question

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That is the question!

It’s Jeff Teach’s favorite lift. It’s the ultimate lift that measures power and explosiveness. It’s also the lift that put Jeff under the knife. Check out the video of him back in March 2013 winning the competition and hurting himself in the snatch. 

When Jeff was asked the pros and cons of starting to snatch again Jeff says, “I love the lift. I just love the way it feels to lift and to accelerate the weight from the floor all away up over my head in a second – it feels awesome. However, it affects my job and I can’t demonstrate or lift my arms over my head if I get hurt again. It also cuts into my wrestle time with my son Gordon because I couldn’t wrestle him being in a sling again. However, if I don’t train for the snatch it is hard for me to demonstrate the Snatch; which Olympic lifts are the basis of our sport location.”


Jeff is torn on what to do. He thinks he will start out with snatch high pulls from the hip and then slowly move into more complex movements. He will then go to the hip muscle snatch and work his way to a hang and below the knee and if all goes well from the floor. Jeff says, “I’m nervous a bit, but I know if I slowly work my way back and train properly like I did with my rehab I should be okay.” Or so we hope!

Jeff is going to hold off another week as this week he started 3 sets of 12 reps and will only get in 4 days of lifting. This means he is breaking up two days of back, chest and bi and then two days of shoulders, tris and legs. Jeff is going to attempt snowboarding this weekend. He doesn’t seem nervous for that as he is going with his son Gordon who is 4 years old and won’t do anything stupid like go over jumps or rails. He said, “maybe not big ones.” Ugh, always pushing the limit. His legs are strong for boarding with this video of front squats last week. Click to check it out also with some Jeff Teach commentary: IMG_0304

So the question still remains: TO SNATCH OR NOT TO SNATCH? You answer the question!

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