About Us

BREAKAWAY, Inc. was founded in 2001 to provide a safe and effective learning environment for health and fitness to all types of people. Whether you are a beginner or a self-motivated individual, a senior or a teenager, BREAKAWAY, Inc. wanted to provide you with the tools needed for a successful exercise prescription. BREAKAWAY, Inc. has always wanted to effectively motivate and promote healthy lifestyles to all in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Through our goals over the years we have proved to have the best customer service in town.

The founders of BREAKAWAY, Inc. have always wanted to apply this mission to a strength and conditioning facility to all types of athletes. Our dream has finally come to a reality with BREAKAWAY Sport, LLC. where any athlete can work on the tools needed for strength and conditioning. We believe in Olympic Lifting, periodization, working on power, speed and how to do things correctly and efficiently.

We welcome you to join in our dreams and for it to become a reality for you!