Youth Classes are offered:

Monday’s @ 4:30 PM
Tuesday’s @ 4:30 PM
Wednesday’s @ 4:30 PM
Thursday’s @ 4:30 PM
Friday’s @ 4:30 PM
Saturday’s @ Noon

Costs and packages:

Unlimited Speed & Strength Classes: $195 month
Speed & Strength Classes: 10 Pack – $150
Speed & Strength Classes: 3 x’s per week – $150 month
Speed & Strength Classes: 2 x’s per week – $120 month
Team Training: Up to 10 players – $120/hour
Team Training: Unlimited athletes – $150/hour

CycleFit Extreme:

This is a great indoor class for cyclist or triathletes or anyone looking to ride and do some cross-training  This class will give you an awesome cycling workout either on your trainer and bike or one of our spinning bikes and you may have some running thrown in.  You will also get an amazing resistance training workout with a ton of core all in one session. You will find we do a lot of pull ups, push ups, kettle bell, med ball and weights along with the cardio. You will improve your strength and stamina in no time in this class.

Class held every Tuesday and Friday 6 AM – 7:30 AM. $35 drop-in or $175 unlimited for the month.

Muffin-Top Boot Camp:

Want to get rid of your muffin-top or not get one. This is an overall great full body boot camp type workout that will keep that waist line nice and trim. Think of it like a boot camp BREAKAWAY style-weight training with cardio and a whole lot of fun! Never a dull moment….
Class held every Tuesday and Thursday 10 AM – 11 AM. $20 drop-in or $100 for 6 classes.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 703-388-2848 or email us at We can set you or you team up with a specialized program for your sport.